Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Canton is calling

That's right, it's calling.  It's been far too long and I MUST go soon.  I'm having withdrawals.  

So this summer one of my BFFs, Gina and I will brave the heat and the sweat to taken in what is known as First Monday (on Friday). Read about it here.

This is us moments after arriving in Canton and getting out of an air conditioned car.  We never looked this good again.

This is my place.  I love it!  A place where you can get "crap you wouldn't pick up off the side of the road" (as my mom lovingly refers to it as).  It's not her thing.

Here are some finds from previous trips....

Door made into a headboard.  

Old window (obviously)

Old picture, the walls are a different color and the shutters are in a different location.

I have found so many wonderful things there.

You should go if you can.  It's really fun and there is practically something for everyone.

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