Saturday, April 23, 2016


I thought I would share some of my favorite things.  I have a lot of favorites, some would say I'm picky.  However, when I find something I like I stick with it.  I get asked a lot where I got that shirt or what a great idea.  Honestly, I just read a lot of blogs (I would even say its a hobby) and pinterest. 

I thought I would do a series.

First up, Fashion.....

I'm cheap.  I rarely spend a lot of money on any one thing.  I'm a fan of TJMaxx, Target and Old Navy. 

I'm loving these ballet flats
I shouldn't wear these because of my planters facsiitis (you needed to know this), but they are cute, cheap and rather cushy.  I think I need the brown, blue and striped ones.
Women's Ona Scrunch Ballet Flat - MINT

I love these leather earrings.  
Image 1
I have several pairs.
They are so light weight, you don't feel them.  I'm someone that doesn't like to feel my earrings. These are perfect.  

I run and these are my shoes.  I like them, I'm not small and my feet definitely are not small.  These work for me.
Saucony Ride 8

I love graphic tees, especially with jeans and a cardigan.  Its hot here, so the cardigan is out for now. Here are a few of my favorites right now.

Hazel and Olive.....I've gotten lots of comments on this one.

I've been a fan of Hello Apparel for a while.....great tees.
Rainbow (Adult & Kids) Grey Tri-Blend by Hello Apparel for sale on

I need this, yes....need.
Women's Coffee Workout Chin Up Graphic Tank - Chin Up

What are your favorites?  Feel free to share in comments.

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