Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Old House

I have this thing for old houses.  Fascinated by the architecture and the history.  I love to look at abandoned ones and wonder, "what happen, why are they all alone, where are the families that lived in them?" 
There is this old house that I pass pretty regularly when I drive down to downtown Bryan.  I've often wondered about it, who lived there, why is it vacant now.  It came on the market recently and my sister is a realtor, so I asked her if she could show me around.  She too has a thing for old house. 
 Original fixtures in the lower floors.
 First fireplace
 Fabulous front door.
 Second fireplace
 HELLO!  Stain glass in the dinning room.
 Amazing stain glass that is falling apart :(
 Someone did live her recently, look at that fan....yikes!
 Stairs to the attic.
 The only bathroom, but look at the tub!
 The attic.

 Original wallpaper!
 Door bell at the back door.
 Side shot.  The window in the middle of the second floor is that stain glass one that is falling apart.
 Old well
I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of the front of the house and the pocket doors into what I think is the Parlor.  They worked just great and looked awesome!
I did some research and its is registered on the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  They haven't converted all their files to digital so there was just basic information I could find.  It was built sometime between 1910-1930 and it was called the Moore house.  I'd love to learn more.
So sad....what happen to this place?  Obviously it was loved once.  It's a huge house, but oh my does it need overhaul.  The kitchen is a total mess and it would definitely need a second bathroom.  Come on lottery!!!  I'd think about moving it, there is just no parking and its on an incredibly busy street.  What do you think....great place for parties, scrapbook retreats, bed and breakfast?

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